Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Beach

Our family loves the beach.  I mean, we LOVE the beach!  It’s not just me.  Everyone has something they enjoy about being there (although the twins took a couple years to warm up to the gritty sand).  We like other places too, but there’s something so refreshing about the ocean.

Since I haven’t posted in a long, long time, I haven’t shared pictures from our last three beach trips.  (We LOVE it!) 

DSC_0255On the first trip El Cap tried out his new skim board.  It was a Father’s Day present.  This weekend trip was his first chance to use it.  He had the feel for it after a couple tries.  I thought it looked like easy and fun, so I gave it a try.  Woa!  It’s NOT easy, and I had bruises to prove it.

DSC_0023Little Sammy was so precious snorkeling in the water.  He snorkeled for a long time, and there was nothing to see!  He just had fun using the mask and snorkel.  He made it look like so exciting that Peter and James joined him.  I could have watched him snorkel all day.  It was adorable.

God treated us to this sunset one of the evenings.  Gorgeous.



Our second beach trip was to the Outer Banks with my family.  The boys said it was the best hotel they’ve ever seen.  They crack me up.  It wasn’t a hotel, but a house.  I think they liked the hot tub, but who knows?  I’m not really sure what made it so wonderful to them.  Kids’ perspectives are fascinating (and sometimes frustrating) to me.

There was a lot of wave riding going on.



We also enjoyed just being together as a family – eating ice cream, taking walks on the beach, getting lost and then rescued (my mom knows what I’m talking about), searching for ghost crabs by flashlight, and posing for pictures.


The third trip was a fall beach trip.  The weather was cloudy and windy, but we still had a lot of fun.  Actually, I was very impressed with how long the boys wanted to stay at the beach.  The adults were all ready to go back to the condo long before the boys were ready.  The sea foam kept them entertained most of the time.  The ocean was unusually frothy.  (I don’t really know other word to use.  Let me know if you think of a better one.)DSC_0015

We had a nice time with Nanny and Pappy, and we were treated to another fabulous sunset from the balcony.  For some reason, I don’t have a picture of it.  I don’t know why.  It was amazing.  Watching the sunset is one of my favorite beach activities.


In conclusion, I miss summer.  I’m already making plans to maximize the sun and beach next year.  I just can’t get enough.


Leslie said...

Ahhhhhh, you just made me miss summer SO much! I love summer. I love beaches, too. Favorite place on earth is a nice beach. We went to the beach every single year of my life from birth to leaving home. Can you believe I haven't seen one in eleven years? :( I hate that my kids haven't seen one yet. So unlike my life growing up!

These photos are just absolutely beautiful. Those kids of yours... just breathtaking.

And yes, I remember your favorite post VERY well, it is SO cute!!!!!!!! Boys and their total lack of concern for clothing... ;)

Post more! I STILL think of your post where El Cap came home and asked if you knew exactly what the boys were doing, and you found them with ropes climbing the van... I made my husband log onto your blog with that one, and we both laughed! That's one of my favorite posts EVER!

Knocker Boys said...

Eleven years!?!?! I am heartbroken for you. So sad. Your boys would LOVE it. Mayhem would abound!

emily said...

I agree with Leslie, wishing you would post more & loving the repelling post.

Love the pics, and is El Cap's parents photogenic or what?

Summertime summertime sum-sum sumertime, summertiiiiime. Come Summer come.

crazybeautifulchaos said...

You just effectively depressed me. Now you owe me. Seriously.