Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A few pictures for you.

The months of May and June have been busy for us.  (Isn’t May always a busy month?)  I decided to choose some of my favorite pictures from May and share them with you.  June will be coming soon.

1. I caught the kids and a neighbor playing on our swing.  They were having a blast!  I love it when they amuse themselves so easily. 


2. Our classical homeschool co-op had an end of year celebration.  The twins and Peter recited science facts, and Jack skip counted the 5's and 10's.  I thoroughly enjoy our co-op.  Last night for fun we practiced naming all of the U.S. presidents.  It's awesome to see how much they want to learn.

3. El Capitan and I took a quick trip out to western PA.  We toured Falling Water, a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright .  It was our second time through the house (we went about 8 years ago to Falling Water and Kentuck Knob with El Cap’s parents), and it was just as impressive the second time.

4. On our trip we stayed at an amazing hotel in Bedford Springs.  I would highly recommend it for couples looking for a getaway.  By the way, I want you to know that I have a wonderful husband.  We cherish our date nights and getaways without the kids.

5. Bedford Springs has some nice trails of varying length and difficulty.  On a hike we saw this little guy.  God's creativity amazes me.

6. Back at home we had another turkey sighting.  (The picture is blurry.  Sorry about that… I’m still learning.)

5. We hit the road again.  This time we took the boys for an educational vacation.  We visited Montpelier, James Madison's house.  The boys were cute playing around the statue in the garden.  Aren't they sweet?


6. They didn’t stay sweet for long.  This picture is much typical of the boys I know (and adore).  Jack is throwing punches at President Madison.  James is admiring Dolley.  Peter is comparing his hand to James Madison’s hand.  Sam is getting ready to show us how far he can jump.


7. Virginia is full of history.  Eight U.S. presidents were born there!  The day after we visited Montpelier, we went to Monticello.  The boys caught tadpoles in Thomas Jefferson’s pond, raced on his lawn, explored the hands-on museum, and ate strawberries and nasturtium from his garden (the gardener gave them samples).


8.  On our 3rd day in Virginia, we toured Polyface farm.  If you’ve seen Food Inc., then you saw Joel Salatin processing chickens on his farm.  The farm was in an ideal setting with the Shenandoah mountains in the background.  We took the self-guided tour and saw their chickens, turkeys, and pigs.  The boys had a blast at Polyface and became quick friends with the Salatin grandchildren.  They helped  pick Mulberries.  Later, they found a snake sunning himself by the pond. 


After Polyface, we drove home.  3 days in Virginia is certainly not enough.  El Cap and I are anxious to get back for another visit.

9. We celebrated Memorial Day with our families.


10.  We also celebrated by picking 65 pounds of strawberries.  Strawberry picking has become a Memorial Day tradition.  It was a humid morning, but the berries taste great.  The jam has been made and is lining the shelves. 


So, there you have it.  Our top ten for May.  More Knocker Boys news coming soon – apparently we have a pet cat.  I just found out about him (or her?) while I was writing this post.  It will be interesting to see how that turns out. 

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Dan said...

I love Falling Water...that is one of the coolest houses and grounds I have ever seen