Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Saturator

I wasn't able to get all 4 boys in a picture of their cute (a.k.a. handsome) Easter outfits.  I should have done it before we went to church, but we were running late (big surprise).  It turns out that we had a flat tire on my car, so I'm glad that I didn't take the time to make the boys pose for a hundred pictures.  I thought that I would get a picture of our family once we got to Nanny and Pappy's house, but they wanted to change into swimsuits as soon as we arrived.  The boys got water guns for Easter.
Even El Capitan got one.  It's called Saturator.  I love how the box says, "Time for combat!"  

We had the perfect weather for some serious Easter combat.  

James' face cracks me up.

El Cap let them have it.

Great-grandma tried to stay out of the line of fire.  I think she was mostly successful.

They boys had a fun time posing for pictures.  I discovered the key to getting them to stay still for pictures - give them a gun.  Well, first they had to run around playing with them.  Then, they stood still for a few minutes.

Happy Easter!  The Saturator is Knocker Boy recommended.  :)

After the water gun battle, Sam wanted to "get handsome" again.  He likes to look good.  It's so adorable.  


emily said...

These are the best Easter pictures!

emily said...

These are the best Easter pictures!

emily said...

Oops! And apparently they are worthy of repeating myself.

{darlene} said...

great recommendation!!!!!!
love those smiles :)

Leslie said...

Oh my gosh, the "give them a gun" comment could not have been more true. That photo of all of them posing looks like the coolest video game poster I've ever seen! I CANNOT WAIT to get home and show this post to my husband! GREAT pictures!

Knocker Boys said...

At first I was disappointed that I didn't get a picture of everyone in their Easter clothes, but as I was looking through our pictures, I changed my mind. Thanks for the comments, ladies!

crazybeautifulchaos said...